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well here it is - the live recorded set from the best day thusfar of my ridiculous little life - closing the @beatport stage on monday night this year at movement festival.

the original recording i was handed was extremely muddy and very poor quality. i’m not sure if some raver accidentally dropped the recorder in the river or what?!?! lol… at first listen i thought the mix was totally unsalvageable. but there was so much persistent response from you guys asking about the recording that i had to try and make it happen. (you guys are the best btw)

i spent countless hours EQing, limiting, EQing, and working all sorts of magic, and MORE EQing to get it sounding the way it does now. i didn’t mess with the flow of the set or anything shady like that - it is exactly how it came out that night.

its not a flawless mix. so what. its live. im only half robot, half human. it had been a VERY long weekend with a minimal amount of disco naps and only a few hours notice that i was going to fill in for mister boys noize….. excuses excuses :) whatever. i’m happy.

THANK YOU guys SOOOOO much for all the love. i still feel like the luckiest person alive to have had the opportunity to play this set. Thanks to my agents and manager and @chuck_flask and @paxahau and my @dirtybirdrecords family and all my friends and techno family from all over the place who were there in the crowd (i saw all your faces) and the people of detroit who have been so fucking nice and supportive….and my friends who were there in spirit. and all the producers who actually wrote all these tracks. yes especially you. for creating frequencies meant to surround your body, be heard AND felt, and most of all rumble you to the core….. and thanks and praise to the techno gods for making this shit happen.

so hey ok i got a little bit (super duper) emo on ya. deal with it.

i hope the set is how you remember it from that night. and if its not… well fuck you… i cannot be held responsible for any chemically altered mind-states ;) i’m just here to promote the music… jesus loves acid. x -jess


hey mom

good god this is so great

nahee & justin said hey listen to this so i did

I always gotta remind myself that I’m the only one I’ll ever see in the mirror




i like the chorus in this one